Campus Evening – Reviewing the Walk

At the end of my walk this week it is still only 4:20 pm but the last remaining light in the sky is all but gone. In the shade of York University campus it is completely gone and lights are reflecting on the dark surface of the campus lake around which I have been walking. There was no ice on the lake but it felt bitterly cold at the time – however, this may have been because I kept stopping to take in the sights and record the sounds.

The soundscape is below along with a selected sequence of images from my walk.

Geese at sunset

York Uni night lights

Even with post production editing, if I were to print these photos they would inevitably show image grain from shooting at a high iso. Having started the walk with it set to 800 (!), by the end of the walk it was set to 3200, the penultimate setting for my Canon 550d.

York University Lake Soundscape

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    • Thanks Allysse. I think the students there are very lucky but I guess there are other unis situated in beautiful places – Swansea’s nice too, though quite different

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