City Colours

My walk around Belfast started with the River Lagan but then headed towards the city centre. It was Boxing Day and the streets were relatively quiet. The range of architectural design, colours and patterns may be what you might expect in any city, but this is Belfast, the place where I grew up and still love.

This walk was taken a few years ago and I have not been there since. These photos  are therefore important to me and serve my memory very favourably.


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  1. Have you hopes of another return visit, Alastair? I expect, from the little I’ve seen and heard on the news and in the media that it is a more bustling and optimistic place than it has been for a while. I’ve been once (in the 50s when I was only four) and my only memory was a Butlins, but it would be nice to see NI with an adult’s eye.

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