Ferris Wheels and Other Structures, York

Ferris wheels seem to pop up in every UK city on regular basis. The first one is in York but the second shot was taken on Boxing Day in Belfast a few years ago and the third in Swansea in 2012.

These are the last shots from my recce walk in York last February and the subject matter is not likely to feature in the final StillWalk video which I am working on now. First of all, the ferris wheel was not there in June when I did the production day, and secondly, it wasn’t on my walk route anyway – neither was the windmill, I just liked the structure.

The windmill is Holgate Windmill and it was strange and unexpected to see it suddenly appear through the trees and amongst the surrounding house roofs.

Ferris Wheel York

Ferris Wheel, York

City Walk Belfast

Ferris Wheel, Belfast

Ferris Wheel Swansea

Ferris Wheel Swansea

Holgate Windmill York

Holgate Windmill, York

Windmill, York

Windmill, York

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