Flowers in the Great Glass House

However often we go for a walk at the Botanic Garden of Wales (NBGW), we cannot miss out one of its main features – the Great Glass House. The architecture itself is interesting enough on its own, but the pleasure of walking around its different planting zones cannot be matched. It is also impossible not to take photos of at least some of the exotic flowers. Many, many others have done this – these are some of mine.

Flower in the Great Glass House





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  1. Great job on the flowers… so different from those out in Colorado! Makes me want to go visit the hot house in the Denver Botanic Gardens ~

    • Thanks Wanda – I’m very pleased you like them. The flowers and plants at the Botanic Garden of Wales are from many different areas of the world – it would be interesting to see what the Denver Gardens have in their collection.

        • I find the 550d a good and affordable camera and a practical size and weight for my production work with StillWalks. I would take both my cameras with different lenses on a shoot and so these things make a difference. Canon lenses are good but I have been very pleased with the Yonguo at half the price.

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