Sea lines

Light and Lines

By the end of my walk this week on Aberavon Beach the light had brightened to the point of dazzlement. We didn’t have a blue sky but the sunlight was bleaching in its brightness and the heat was clearly making a dip in the sea an attractive option for many.

a day on the beach

Having walked the length of the beach, we turned around and walked back along the promenade where I found myself noticing some of the lines and angles of our surroundings. Not having sunglasses on, the light was almost blinding and so I feel that the “Dazzling Daylight” and “Overexposed” shots below are a truer rendering of the scene than those that allow you to pick out (just about) features in the distance such as the spit of land on the far side of Swansea Bay that is Mumbles.

I don’t have a soundscape as such for this walk, but have included a video clip of the “safe to swim” flag from my previous post on this walk. It shows the repeating patterns of flutter as the flag blows in the wind, but there is also the typical sounds of the beach scene at the time – sea, wind, voices and seagulls.

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