Dark Park Railings

From Light to Dark – Reviewing the Walk

My walk this week took me from light to dark in Brynmill Park in Swansea. I had visited the park on many previous occasions and so was interested in capturing some of the details of the place rather than a more open view of its land and waterscape.

It was good to start my short walk in the afternoon sunlight and watch the squirrels gathering their winter stores and the swans and ducks on the dark water of the lake, even though there was the most terrific fight between two of the ducks (not included in the soundscape below).

In the descending darkness towards the end of the day it was also good to see and photograph the shadows and shapes, silhouettes and surfaces and the patterns presented by plants against the gently rippling water of the lake.

There was still a good number of people using the park at this time, including two presumably professional dog walkers with a collection of 11 dogs between them! The soundscape below is in fact a single sound clip from the lakeside but which typifies the general activity of this park at almost any time of day.

Dark Park Soundscape

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    • Yes you’re probably right Allysse, though in reality, had I been in any other location, I might have found other details to focus on. I think it was more the changing and diminish imaging light that interested me. Universal is good though – I like universal . Thanks for visiting

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