A Long Straight Path


The long straight path I took on my walk this week is not all that long in reality, and neither is it entirely straight. Often when walking I try to pace myself and not rush off at the beginning as this allows me to do a longer walk without my knees giving any trouble. However, when the path is flat, paved, even and like this one, straight(ish), I find I automatically speed up and it can become more of a march. Had it not been for the fact that I was stopping to photograph and record, I would have completed the linear route there and back quite quickly.

long straight footpath

The photo below is of something not generally considered very desirable – Japanese Knotweed – but I liked the strange sticky curtain in front of the field that it created in its bare winter state.


long straight footpath

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    • Thank you Janet. Memory triggers come from all sorts of things don’t they. I thought it was a slightly unusual subject given that knotweed is not generally desirable but I liked the effect against the fields behind.

    • Yes indeed – the line from Swansea to Pontarddulais and on up the Heart of Wales line. I was watching some archive footage of it just the other day

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