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My Walk this Week 125 – Colour in Construction

I was looking for woodland on my walk this week – and I found it, to a degree, behind the colour in construction of the Science and Technology Block of York University.

York University

It was open woodland straggling along the back of the university which I picked up again on my return across open fields. The colours used in the modern buildings reflected those of older walls surrounding the adjacent York House BIRT facility. I enjoyed the colour in both as well as the textures and patterns in the old, and the cleanliness and hard edges of the new.

While I may not have found what I think of as woodland in the York area, I did have a very pleasant 90 minute walk which was largely amongst trees. If York does not have woodland, it does have a profusion of large mature trees all over the city which give it much of its attractive character along with the castle walls, cathedral, old streets and the River Ouse.

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  1. Thanks for taking us on this lovely walk today, Alastair. I like your appreciation for color and texture, and of course I, too, always walk with the hopes of finding trees and woods. You succeeded.

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