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My Walk this Week 126 – Gnoll Park

My walk this week is to a park I have not visited for a few years. Gnoll Country Park in Neath is a beautiful place with lakes, woodland, cascades, wildlife, wildflowers, history and a great community building.

shadow gate

Entering the park from the lower southern entrance was new for me and I got to see a part of the park I had not been round previously but no less enjoyable for that. I was taking the opportunity to walk here because I was in Neath anyway as I have lately been working on the website for a new gallery in the town – Queen Street Gallery. I have also been invited to contribute to the gallery’s next exhibition, “Surface by Design”, and so will have one of my tapestries with barbed wire featured in the show.

I have produced two StillWalks® videos in this park in the past, both in the Autumn. You can see a sample of the videos here and here but I am afraid to say that the Moss Wood featured in the second video has been harvested and the wood no longer exists.

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