Autumn sumac

My Walk this Week 130 – Soundscape for an Autumn Valley

My walk this week in a damp, misty Welsh valley Autumn landscape provided me with a fantastic and varied soundscape. The walk took me up one side of the valley and back down the middle where the river was further engorged by rushing tributaries.

water gushing

Having enjoyed the Autumn colours of a Staghorn Sumac, I descended the twisting path towards the river and recorded its approaching sound as I went. I have kept most of this clip included in the soundscape below (making it longer than usual) because the changes in its timbre as I twist and turn are, to me, fascinating and beautiful. Also included is the fascinating fizzling of the electricity pylons in the misty air that I mentioned in the previous post.

I recommend using headphones if you have them and are happy to, because that way you will catch all the subtleties and changes of the audio. However, if you don’t like using headphone, please trust that I have tried as always to make sure that the quality you hear through speakers is the best I can provide and is a good representation of what I experienced in the field.

Misty Walk Soundscape

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  1. Feels good, this blog. The subtitle ‘making natural connections’ is very well chosen, because the photo’s are more than just snapshots. Thanks, see you!

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