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My Walk this Week 130 – It Must Be Mist

Mist or fog – whichever you think it is depends on where you are in relation to the cloud that creates it. Near the start of this walk I was able to look down on the mist/fog in the valley below, but as I climbed up the side of the valley, so it thickened to become more fog like.

mist and crow

But early morning fog is apt to clear or at least move and it is the latter that happened on this occasion – at least until later in the day when the sun finally raised the temperature and dispensed with the dampness. The gloom was very atmospheric and I didn’t mind in the least as I stopped to photograph and listen to my surroundings. The sounds included electricity pylons and cables fizzling in the moisture filled air and temporarily the sound of specially extended lorries carrying three giant blades for one of the wind turbines being built at Mynydd y Gwair wind farm.

The blades are huge but up on top of this open landscape they weren’t quite as awe inspiring as when I saw them being taken through a small welsh village where, set against the residential building, they dwarfed everything around them.

Another related (I suppose) feature of difference in scale was the two maintenance men climbing up the electricity pylons that (again I suppose) will carry the power produced by the wind turbines to the National Grid. I could hear voices in the distance but couldn’t see at first where they were coming from until I heard a clank of metal and spotted then, ant-like on the giant structure.

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  1. What a beautiful walk, Alastair. I loved your description of stopping to photograph and then listening to the sounds as well … talk about being immersed in the moment! And your images are absolutely beautiful.

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