My Walk this Week 150 – Weathering at the Botanic Gardens

My walk this week is at the National Botanic Garden of Wales where there was some weathering they could not control. Outside the Great Glasshouse the sun and rain, heat and cold have taken their toll on this metal plant label and the paint has cracked and peeled into a most interesting, map-like pattern.

weathered label

Inside the Great Glasshouse they can and do control the weather conditions for the different parts of the world represented there. So while there are times of year when everything in there seems so busy with growth, there are always fantastic colours, patterns and textures to enjoy whatever the time of year.

There was a strong and bitter wind blowing on our walk around the lakes but it was good to see the tremendous progress they are making with the restoration of the next in the string of lakes and I look forward to once more being able to access the woodland behind when the work is completed.

We didn’t linger long before heading back inside for a cup of tea, only to linger longer over that than expected as a wild and heavy shower of rain caused everyone to inspect the photographic exhibition of daffodils more closely before moving back outside again.

But as we headed towards the gates, there were some welcome signs of Spring in the flowers and blossom, albeit somewhat bedraggled by the recent rain.

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    • Thank you – I agree. Judging by today’s weather, we’re not finished with Winter yet. The dragon has not frightened off the rain and wind but the flowers are there to cheer us up

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