Swans at sunset

My Walk this week 189 – First of the Decade

My walk this week was taken on the first day of January, 2020, and therefore my first of a new year and decade. Being very familiar with the place and the featured suburban lake, I knew that towards the end of a clear day the sun would be low and creating a beautiful, if cold, atmosphere.

Suburban lake sunset

The walk was part of a shorter than usual visit to family and I had not brought any of my kit with me – not even my laptop! Both the photos and the sound recording were therefore made on my iPhone. The images needed some adjustment in order to properly represent the atmosphere of the evening and the sound recording took more editing than usual because the phone’s microphones do not respond well to a breeze, but all in all, I am pleased with the results.

Suburban Lake Soundscape

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The soundscape has the expected suburban backdrop of sound from the wider area of Middlesbrough in the north east of England, but there is also a lot of chatter from various forms of birdlife on the lake. These include ducks (I’m afraid I cannot identify them), coots, swans and gulls or kittiwakes (again, I cannot be sure). The piece finishes with a robin calling loudly from the latticework of branches next to me as I return to the warmth of the house.

So click the play button or soundscape title above to listen and then the first image below to see the full images in sequence (not available like this on the mobile WordPress Reader in which case visit the blog in your mobile’s internet browser – NB you will need to open the sound file and images in separate browser tabs to listen and look at the same time).

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