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My Walk this Week 203 – Spring Garden

My walk this week returns to our garden where Spring is in full flow with the birds singing and the colours spreading.

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But there is a rare anomaly for me in this post! The images and soundscape are from different weeks with the audio being recorded one week earlier than the photos. This is very unusual for me but there is a reason for it. The recording was made while I was digging the first small vegetable patch and as I did so in the breezy sunshine, a blackbird sang his heart out in the trees behind me and it was such a joy to be doing this work to his and other birds accompaniment.

No digging for me this week – instead I took photographs of the developing colours as the plants grow into a new season and as I walked around the garden, they appeared to be enjoying themselves as much as the birds in this fine weather we have been getting lately.

I know we are the lucky ones in this Covid-19 lockdown, having a beautiful garden to enjoy. Hopefully the StillWalks® posts and available videos can bring some element of enjoyment of the outside world to those of you who cannot experience nature on your doorstep.

Some of the StillWalks® videos can be seen here and others here.

Spring Garden Soundscape

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