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My Walk this Week 204 – A Wander in the Park

My walk this week takes a wander through our local park – Coedbach Park. Along with other parks in the county of Swansea were closed for a few days once the Covid-19 lockdown started, but eh council were good enough to open them again quite quickly. It would have been a great shame not to see it Spring development.

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It was a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon and I made the time for a stroll through the park – I thought I might see the ducklings my daughter had reported to me. Alas, I was only able to enjoy the spectacular blooming of the trees near the entrance and the woodland wildflowers, garlic, wood anemone and bluebells, the crooked oak trees and the sounds of the birds – poor me 😉

It was a most enjoyable and relaxing walk in a very beautiful place and I hope, particularly for anyone who cannot get out for whatever reason, that you can enjoy both the sounds and images I have collected from that peaceful Springtime afternoon.

Park Soundscape

This soundscape plays the sounds of the evening chorus of birds in the park along with those of families enjoying their permitted exercise outside during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The media player does not show on the WordPress Reader, visit the website to listen to the soundscape and look at the images at the same time.

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  1. This was a truly glorious walk through the park, Alastair, thanks so much for taking us along. I cannot decide which is more exquisite: the flowering trees with buds so thick they each look like a rose bloom…or the steady, rich oak trees standing both tall and gnarled. Bright greens and woodland flowers. The soundscape added a dimension that is so appreciated, with the children enjoying the outdoors and the birds. Oh my goodness, the birdsong is heavenly here. I liked hearing the dove so clearly too, and then later seeing the photo of it. Thanks for this walk, Alastair.

    • Thank you Jet, I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. I heard and then made a point of recording the dove just for you The photo of it was the only useable one from the pulse of shots I took as it flew off but I like the effect of the movement seen in the trees.

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