My Walk this Week 217 – An Evening on the Marshes

My walk this week is back on my local salt marshes where the evening was still and the midges were out in their millions.

I went down there for the sunset and then had my back turned, recording sound, when it actually dipped below the horizon.

It was a still evening and there were not many birds singing but as always in this environment, there are gates – specifically four, but there were more people using them than just myself. I have included four in the soundscape but had I included all the instances of use on this short walk there would have been the sound of at least ten!

I understand and accept that by now you may think me obsessed with gates, and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Aside from the individual audio characteristics they have which I enjoy, they are symbolic of so much. They are way markers, milestones, entrances and exits simultaneously, thresholds, limitations, invitations – and they come in so many designs!

There is a bird that appears in the recording at about 01:10 – it was in the woods at the edge of the marsh but I do not know what it is. If anyone can tell me, I would be pleased to know. The Covid-eased traffic is ever present on the motorway but I have focused more on the other sounds in the trees and on the marshes.

Marshes Evening Soundscape

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  1. I’m so allergic to midges, that just seeing ‘midges were out in their millions’ written I’ve gone all of a {{{shudder}}}. Midges have their place (thought we told the Scotland) and for me they are 100% better than the best youth defying creams some scientist could come up with, as midges makes my face become so beautifully young looking, like I’m some acne riddled teenager!

      • If I know the area has midges, I intend to wear appropriate gear and look similar to Lydia Deetz writing her note in Beetlejuice. I’d be sad to be under the netting, but glad not to be eaten by a midge cloud.

    • Sorry I meant to type (… told them… ) but there seems to be toast under the M key,. For it is breakfast here before action really begins, the time when birds call us to the day, if we are able to hear and understand their message.

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