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My Walk this Week 218 – Botanical

My walk this week is in the recently re-opened Swansea Botanic Garden and Singleton Park. The Botanic Garden is within the park and had been closed for the coronavirus lockdown.

Swansea Botanic Garden

And thinking of lockdowns and locks, the sound of a garden attendant locking up at an earlier time than would normally be the case, is featured in the soundscape below and took us a little by surprise. We had not been there very long but enjoyed continuing our walk in the park, taking a different route from that on our last visit.

The garden and park were looking beautiful with so many flowers on display, it was a real pleasure to be there and sit quietly for a short while looking at all the colours and listening to the birds and ambience of the area.

What would we do without these natural (albeit cultivated) spaces in our urban landscapes?

Botanic Soundscape

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    • Thank you. You must be glorying in your own garden this year – the weather (or is it the lockdown) seems to have suited many plants this year.

    • Thank you. It was indeed peaceful that day. I would have liked to stay longer in the gardens but they were closing them early because of Covid-19, though I couldn’t see what difference it made.

  1. I keep meaning to walk through here, but each time I have such a busy day on visiting Swansea. One day, not right now obviously, but one day and hopefully a dry, mild day too.

      • It’s like I’ve done a few from A to B, but not that many wanderings and I do intent to. I mean I’ve been to the building The Clyne student accom, but not The Clyne Gardens which sound so much better. I mean I’ve had plenty of picnics in the car on the Mynydd Gelli Wastad Rd, but one day intend to go take a walk from there on one of the footpaths, as the view is amazing. BTW I’ve mentioned your site on my post today.

        • Thank you very much. I have made StillWalks® videos of many of the parks in Swansea but if you just do a search on the StillWalks® blog for the park name, it should bring up a list of the posts I have made from them. Thanks again. Have a good day

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