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My Walk this Week 233 – The Sea The Sea

On my walk this week I was mesmerised by the susurration of the sea, the sea. It was the light and colour that really caught my eye, but when looking at its gentle, repetitive movements and listening to its rhythmical shush and liquid intricacies I couldn’t help but be enamoured of the full expanse of Swansea Bay at high tide.

Still using my iPhone I am frustrated by the effect even a slight breeze has on its microphones – but the distortion in the audio in this video is not what is in my memory.

Being in Mumbles to run an errand with my daughter (Hannah Duncan Creations), we took the opportunity to walk along the seafront to the pier. The sunlight caught the outcrops of rock, made islands by the high tide, on which the lighthouse is built and the sharp edge made me think of the shot of Catalina Apple used for the operating system of that name. Looking at that system image afterwards, I was less convinced of any similarity.

I only took a few photographs and short video clips but the walk was a very enjoyable and welcome break from the darkness the seemingly interminable rain brings. It’s not so much the rain I dislike as the lack of light that comes with it.

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  1. Hello Alastair, I agree entirely about the lack of light being worse than the rain – just variants of gloomy and yet more gloomy grey for much of this week here. But your mesmerising waves are indeed an outside tonic. A bit like gazing into a stove’s flames, with infinite variety yet a constancy of movement. Except you get the light, sounds and fresh air outside!
    Best wishes

    • That’s exactly what was think just this morning. 10,000 years ago is really just a few moments back in the grand scheme of things. By the way, I’m sorry I have not commented on your current walk (parts 1 and 2), but I have really enjoyed them. It looks a wonderful place.

  2. Your video had me mesmerized by the sea the sea, Alastair. And I can see why the light struck you as fantastic, because it is. These photos and the video and the magic pushed me further to google Mumbles. The lighthouse is solar-powered, how wonderful, and the seaside is simply magnificent. Thanks so much for this enchanting visit.

    • Thank you Jet. Mumbles is a very popular place which means that more often than not we tend to avoid it. But that does not mean it isn’t worth a visit, even when it’s busy. Just now of course, with the coronavirus and all that, it’s not as crowded as usual. I’m pleased you enjoyed it

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