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My Walk this Week – Early Bird

My walk this weeks starts in a multi-storey carpark in town. By early I mean about 5.55 am, which is why I was surprised that the first sound I heard on getting out of my car in this empty urban space was an early bird chirruping away! It was still dark and I was in an environment as far from natural as possible.


It was interesting to experience the ambience and light (or lack of it) in this structure in its unusual empty state and I was able to check out the patterns revealed in the gloom. The background sound of the city filtered through, bouncing off the hard surfaces, but I guess the sound of that early bird was also magnified by reflection on that same concrete.

Multi-storey Early Bird

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The patchwork concrete of the carpark floor looked as though it might have been a crime scene, but I suspect not – see third image. I found my way out via the pedestrian exit and found a city almost empty of cars but noisy with cleaning machines and lit by Christmas lights and reflections.

I was surprised at how dark it was in some areas and this was certainly a challenge for my photography. With the long exposure times necessary (even with a high iso), I played about a bit with deliberate movement of the camera and found some interesting textures and patterns as a result.


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  1. I really like how the last two photos remind me of sand dunes. I know they can’t be, but they have a look and feel of sand.

    I had a similar experience with a bird recently. It was evening and had been dark for a few hours. I was cycling on my way back home, on a stretch of busy road when I heard a bird loud and clear. I had to pause for a minute and marvel at the sound of it. It felt good to know that it was there and reminded me that nature is always a little closer than we think.

    • Thanks Allysse – it was a real gem being welcomed by the little bird in that concrete space so early in the morning. It was obvious conditions to use long exposure with the cascading water but not having a tripod with me, I did the best I could. The last shot was an experiment with deliberately moving the camera and I liked the effect. I can see what you mean about the sand dunes though.

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