My Walk this Week – South Coast (UK)

Pagham Walk

My walk this week is on the south coast of England at a place called Pagham. As a location for a StillWalks production walk, I picked it out from aerial views of the place courtesy of Google Maps and Google Earth. It helped that I already had some knowledge of the south coast, though to be fair, some of that comes from BBC programmes like Spring Watch.

Having visited the south coast on a number of occasions over the years as well as watching TV, I knew roughly the sort of environment I wanted to explore. I had a couple of days in the South Downs area to see exhibitions and attend a tapestry weaving symposium at West Dean College, and wanted to try to build in time for a decent walk somewhere. On this occasion it was Pagham and a very worthwhile and productive excursion to an environment I have not experienced until now.

So my walk this week will be looking at a sample of the sights and sounds I found along my walk and at a later date I will publish a full StillWalks video of my sensory experience.

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