Paragliders – Colours in the Sky

It was a perfect day for my walk this week at Colwyn Bay . . . if you like the wind! There are those that will take full advantage of the wind every time, such as paragliders. I spotted these two the moment I stepped onto the seafront and as I walked towards them, it was difficult to pay attention to the rest of my surroundings. The mesmerising entertainment of their aerial acrobatics was quite a distraction.

Paraglider and rainbow

Colours in the Sky

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  1. I can easily imagine it was hard to pay attention to anything else but their acrobatics. The photos of the jumps shows well the exhilaration of the moment.

    I also love the burst of colour the yellow sail (?) brings to the landscape 🙂

    • Thanks Allysse. Good to see you back – did you get any good recordings in Portugal or were you focused on the weather 😉 The yellow paraglider sail with the rainbow was a must though of course I had loads more photos than this small selection.

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