Memories in the Park

Recently we have been going through what most parents do at that time when their children take flight and leave the family home. Both our girls are now at university and the house feels so, so empty. There seem to be so many things that make us notice that they are not with us, such as singing along to their music in the front room – a regular activity that meant they were always there in the background, if not actually talking to us!

During a mid week visit to our local park to meet a photographer from the local paper (the South Wales Evening Post will be running an article about StillWalks on Tuesday), I was reminded of the girls when they were younger.

I had the StillWalks kit with me for the photo shoot and took the opportunity of getting some shots from the playground which was nearby. In doing so I was reminded of Ellen and Hannah and the times we pushed them on the swings and watched them climbing and playing on the various pieces of equipment.

Coedbach Park-11

Coedbach Park-8

Coedbach Park-10

Coedbach Park-13

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