Guzzle Hole

Project Recce Walk – Bishopston to Caswell, Reviewing the Walk

Our project recce walk down Bishopston Valley to Pwll Du Bay and along the cliff path ended at Caswell Bay where, being a good day in August (unusual!), this popular South Gower beach was busy with families enjoying their holidays.

Caswell Bay

The soundscape to accompany the images below includes Bishopston Pill (river) as it flows underground at Guzzle Hole and the clack of stones as we walked across Pwll Du Bay and the holiday activities of those on the beach Caswell Bay. The real fun will come when we take a class of school pupils along with us!

Project Recce Walk – Bishopston to Caswell Bay Soundscape

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  1. I really enjoyed this trip to the beach, Alastair. Your soundscape was a true joy, with the crunching gravel, ocean waves, splashing and plunking in the water, children’s happy voices. And I always like the creak of the gate. Lovely photos too, my friend — I was especially drawn to the red sailboat photo. Beautiful lizard.

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