River Avon at Bath

Reflections on Bath

Moving into the centre of town from the parks on my walk this week in Bath, I found the place busy with tourists, but not over crowded (thank goodness!). I understand that Jane Austen did not like Bath, though that has not stopped the city making good use of their association with the famous author.

mask and reflections

However, I have to say that I did like it – it was a nice day which always helps of course – but it was lively with some great classical architecture and the bath stone used almost throughout is very attractive with its soft, warm colour.

It was fun to walk down steps from the street to the River Avon below and the weir wasn’t the standard straight or angled design. It like the details of the buildings had been considered carefully and worked well for me. I took a peek into the mask shop I passed and gaped at some of the ware on sale and I would have liked a look round the Roma bath house as well but the price for the time I had available was prohibitive at over £15 per adult!

Tomorrow I’ll post the soundscape from my walk.

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