Scottish Seas 3 – The Subtleties of Surface

The surface of the sea is constantly changing – colour, pattern, texture – it all depends, from moment to moment, on the changing conditions of light, wind, currents and the pull of the sun and moon.

surface colour

However rough or calm the sea is, the changing patterns on the surface of the water can hold my attention for a long time. The longer I look, the more subtleties I see and although there is an overall rhythm to the motion, that too changes gradually as the tide gently rises and falls against the rocks and seaweed – see the video below.

The longer you sit quietly, the less you are noticed by the birds and other creatures around and the better chance you get of witnessing the seascape and landscape as it would be if you weren’t there.

The heron in the photo below knows how to do this – perhaps his life depends on it.

Sea and Seaweed

You can also see this video on YouTube

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