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Scottish Seas 2 – Evening Tide

Whether it is the ebb or the flow of the tide, the sea has a gentle gradient to cover in this part of South West Scotland. That does not always mean the waves are gentle but on this occasion the roughest it got can be seen in the third image of the sequence below.

evening ebb

The appearance of the weather in that image is exaggerated by the heavy grain effect I gave it. I like the effect but it tells a lie about the conditions, making them appear less favourable than they were – let’s call it artistic license!

And on that note, I also like the evening light and subtle colour in the first two shots of the seagull and the puddles on the beach, but the two monochrome photos in this gallery were processed that way because I was not keen on the colour but found the composition pleasing. A poor photo in technical terms does not necessarily mean a poor image!

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