StillWalks Website Issues

My apologies to everyone who has been trying to get to the StillWalks website. The problems caused by the site being hacked are proving to be more difficult to resolve than expected. We hope to have the site back online soon.

Please browse and follow this blog and you will be notified as soon as everything is fixed.

In the meantime I will be adding some features to the blog that will replicate some of those on the website and you can still visit the StillWalks Facebook page and view a wide collection of images on Flickr as well as purchasing photos at PhotoBox.

Anyone interested in buying StillWalks DVD Collections 1 or 2 or any individual StillWalks videos or vouchers should contact me by email at ad[at]stillwalks[dot]com

Some StillWalks videos and StillWalks Project videos can be seen on Vimeo.

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