Swansea Marina

Swansea Bay – Reviewing the Walk

This weeks final post for my walk this week along Swansea Bay and back through the marina includes a selection of images from along the walk with all its space and textures and patterns and now of course, the sounds as well.

Swansea Maritime Quarter

The soundscape below contains just as many intricate patterns and textures as the visuals – from sea and blustering breeze to urban construction, the activities of marina visitors and the plinking of rigging against masts.

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  1. Great to hear the sounds of the marina, the people, the masts, the wind, and always dominating are the sounds of the sea. Very lovely Alastair. Enjoyed the visual patterns too. Appreciated the variety of vistas down here at the marina, the wildflowers, the beautiful ships and masts, the wavy water, and quiet pair on the beach.

    • Thank you Jet for both your comments. I am so pleased to you enjoy what I post. More and more it is the sounds around me that I enjoy in any environment.

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