Metallic Canvas

This metallic canvas is Turner-esque in the violence of the storm – but I did nothing, just took the photo!


The texture . . .


. . . and vibrance of the colour amazes me.


I love it but . . .


. . . it’s just . . .


. . . an old freezer . . .


. . . destined for the scrap merchant.

Of course, it should never have been burnt, but it has provided me with some interesting material to play with and add to my collection of metal (weird, I know). I shall be recording some of sounds it can make soon. Anyone interested can listen to my metallic sound collections on SoundCloud here and here or click below. If you can’t see the sound files below, please visit the blog page.

The last clip in this first set is the best!

A Visit to Middlesbrough – Sculpture?

Next to the Anish Kapoor sculpture, “Tenemos” (featured in yesterday’s post), are other “sculptures” which, although functional in their design, are fascinating and attractive in their own way.

The textures, colours and patterns of paint and rust are further enhanced by their juxtaposition with Kapoor’s work. And that, of course, is a part of the purpose of art – to help us see, understand and appreciate what is around us.

I wonder what it is like inside that crane?!

Middlesbrough crane

Tenemos and Crane

Tenemos and Crane



Middlesbrough crane



broken windows

A Change of Scene

Moving away from Lliw Reservoir which has featured a lot in my recent posts, I have some new photos from Hereford. We drove up there last week for my daughter’s final interview for university. She has since been accepted by all five to which she applied – clever girl 🙂

Although the roads in Hereford seemed very busy during mid week, this small city is very attractive in parts with the cathedral being central. The colour of the stone is beautiful and changes with the light (naturally). It was a dull day when we were there but that didn’t spoil what was a pleasant and successful day out. I wonder if we will be seeing more of it – depends on Hannah’s choice really! You can see her blog here.


A park by the castle in Hereford

Church Street, Hereford

Church Street, Hereford

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford Cathedral
Hereford Cathedral
Hereford Cathedral
Hereford Cathedral