Alone On the Track but with Golden Wings

On my walk this week I was again alone on the track – but that’s not me in the image, just a lonely tuft of grass. I wasn’t lonely on this walk near Skanda Vale in the countryside of Carmarthenshire, just alone – and for the purposes of StillWalks production, photography and field recording, being alone is generally preferable. My closest companion on this walk is in the first shot below in the form of a fascinating golden winged insect Continue reading

A Mother of Industry

This huge industrial structure of ducts looks to me like a giant metal insect sitting on and protecting its brood.

Cardiff Industry


The yellow “veins” of the “creature” allow the “worker colony” to get about the complex.



And below, a sign of real life flies overhead.


Identifying the Monster

I found this beast in the studio the other morning and immediately got my camera out. Not knowing what it was, I posted it on Facebook and was subsequently pointed to iSpot where it was identified as a horse fly!

You have to click on the images to zoom in and fully appreciate the sunglasses. It was about 2 – 2.5 cms in length and had a low, loud buzz like a large bumble bee. I had always thought of horse flies as vicious little expletives, not monsters like this appeared to be. It may just have been a matter of seeing it in detail and out of context, i.e. in my studio and not in the field (where it should have been).

what-is-this 1

what-is-this 2