Alone On the Track but with Golden Wings

On my walk this week I was again alone on the track – but that’s not me in the image, just a lonely tuft of grass. I wasn’t lonely on this walk near Skanda Vale in the countryside of Carmarthenshire, just alone – and for the purposes of StillWalks production, photography and field recording, being alone is generally preferable. My closest companion on this walk is in the first shot below in the form of a fascinating golden winged insect with very long antennae sitting on the boom pole for my microphone – anybody know what it is? This is not to say that I don’t meet other people along the way on many of my walks, but it is surprisingly infrequent. The golden bug image can also be seen on Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness MM 4-4 blog post.

Rising up from the ditch hikers old roman road at the start of this walk, the woodland became more exposed and the weather changed from a mixture of blue sky and rain to wild and windy. Fortunately this was only temporary and although I am quite happy with a bit of wild weather, I can’t deny that a calm blue sky is very pleasant.

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