Bull’s Eye

I wasn’t the only one out for a late evening stroll on the marshes last weekend.

You can click the images to enlarge but if you could zoom in on the originals, you would see just how grainy they are from the high ISO.

First shot – ISO3200, f4.5, 1/30. Second shot – ISO3200, f5, 1/30

Horns in the Night

Horns in the Night

Bull's Eye

Bull’s Eye

Going Home

Going Home

The Flags Are Out

A late evening walk down on the marshes (last weekend before the rain returned) revealed some colour through the dim light after sunset in the form of an Iris or Flag, whichever you like to call them.

The light really was fading a lot by the time I took these photos which required full manual mode on the camera as any automation tried to over-compensate for the lack of light.

A high ISO of 3200 was needed, f11 at 1/60 for the first shot and ISO3200, f7.1, 1/25 for the second. A good job my Canon EF70-300 lens has image stabilisation.



After the Tide

We have had a months rain in the last 24 hours and that can sometimes cause problems. The marshes near us are tidal and when the tide is high and there has been a lot of rain, that is when the trouble starts.

This StillWalk video shows the marshes after a spring tide. You can’t avoid the traffic on this walk but it doesn’t stop the birds calling and has never spoilt my enjoyment of the walk.

spring tide

Down on the Marshes

I managed to get a short walk out at lunchtime on Friday – down to our local marshes. I hadn’t been there for a little while and was reminded of the StillWalks I have produced such as the Old Churchyard Walk (on the Summer Walks page). Despite the sound of traffic in the background, it still one of my favourite local walks.

This week I am going to focus on some of the images from that video but start with the couple of shots I took on my iPhone yesterday.

Loughor River

Loughor River


Soggy Walk on Xmas Eve

I took these photos with my iPhone on a wet walk on the marshes this afternoon and now I’m trying out publishing this post from it as well.

It stopped raining for 5 minutes so I thought I’d get out quick – but I still got rained on. Mind you, 90 minutes without rain was asking a lot.
Happy Christmas !























Affected by Atmosphere

Walking out along the Loughor Estuary last Sunday morning, the weather was still but overcast and the sound of the M4 motorway was even more evident than usual. I love the marshes on the estuary and the old St Teilo’s churchyard, and I normally find that I suppress the sound of traffic in my head and listen instead to the birds, sheep, cattle and wind along with the sound of my footsteps in the grass or mud and the rustling of the reeds.

These are some of the sounds recorded in the StillWalks I have produced here. I did not do any sound recording on Sunday but I got a few shots of the area and thought about how much the sounds we hear are so unique to the time and place we are in. They are the result of things like the weather conditions before and during our visit as well as the activities of others, like driving along the motorway on a Sunday morning to go shopping or visit family or whatever. Twenty five years ago there was virtually no Sunday morning traffic on the M4 but even now the traffic sound can seem distant if the wind is in the right direction or other environmental aspects such as a high tide, rain or time of year change the conditions.

This is something we’ll be looking at on the Sights and Sounds of the Countryside project which you can find out about here or follow on Facebook.

The StillWalks website is offline at the moment due to malicious hackers but you can see 480p versions of two StillWalks from the Loughor Estuary on Vimeo – After the Tide and the Old Churchyard Walk. They will be available to buy in full HD when the site is back up and running.

Here are some photos of the Loughor Estuary and the marshes. Image prints can be purchase at PhotoBox.

IMG_5425 IMG_5427 IMG_5435 IMG_5443 IMG_5447 IMG_5451 IMG_5461 IMG_5466 IMG_5467

Eerie Creatures on the Marshes

Sunshine and rain– We’ve been away to foreign parts recently – well, France! More importantly, we managed to avoid much of the torrential rain in Britain during that period. Unbelievably, we arrived home to Britain and Wales to dry, sunny, hot weather – amazing 🙂 Here’s a lovely sunset from the other night to prove it.

Sunset Over the Marshes

Sunset Over the Marshes

Eerie Sounds – There were some strange sounds coming from the marshes and so I went to investigate . . .

All will be revealed – no cudding 😉



Maybe I was the monster