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My Walk this Week 128 – Rowntree Ramble

My walk this week is a gentle ramble round Rowntree park in York but it is written with tears in my eyes. I took the walk on a recent visit to my parents who since then have both died, with my mother going through what she thought of as a transformation just one week after my father. They were both ill and each going peacefully in their sleep was a blessing, but that makes me no less sad for their passing away.

Pergola promenade

This walk shows my first visit inside Rowntree Park – I have visited York often enough but until this occasion I have only been able to look into the park from the outside because my previous opportunities all coincided with the River Ouse being in flood. Continue reading

Fighting geese - monochrome

Watery Park – Fighting in the Floods

My walk this week features the effect of the flooding River Ouse on Rowntree Park in York. The park was closed due to the excess of water but the cafe overlooking the watery scene was not and so I was able to sit with a coffee and observe.

Fighting geese

I don’t think it was the stress of too much water that set the Canada Geese fighting – more likely it was the time of year. It provided some action entertainmentContinue reading


And here’s one I did earlier! This week’s photos are from a visit to York in the North East of England a year ago. The photos were taken as part of a recce for a possible StillWalk on a subsequent visit.

The weather was beautiful in February but when I returned in June, things were different with the rain falling as it does in Britain, seemingly interminably, and the River Ouse flooded!

It’s a good thing all photos and sound clips are time stamped because although I carried out an initial post-production review soon after my return home last June, I have only recently been able to continue with this process. It’s going to be a couple of weeks before this new StillWalk will be available but in the meantime I’ll be putting these recce photos on the blog – the starting point was Rowntree Park.

Rowntree Park

Rowntree Park

Rowntree Park

Rowntree Park