Fighting geese - monochrome

Watery Park – Fighting in the Floods

My walk this week features the effect of the flooding River Ouse on Rowntree Park in York. The park was closed due to the excess of water but the cafe overlooking the watery scene was not and so I was able to sit with a coffee and observe.

Fighting geese

I don’t think it was the stress of too much water that set the Canada Geese fighting – more likely it was the time of year. It provided some action entertainment which was compensated for by the crooning doves in the dovecote and the calmness of the other onlooking geese and coots.

As with my previous post, I am presenting some of the photos below in monochrome as well as colour. Most of them seemed to work well in black and white but sepia was also a choice I made for one or two shots.

The arrangement of concentric circles on the surface of the pond with the coot at the centre can also be seen on Leanne Cole’s Photography blog post MM 205.

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  1. A lovely look at the spring in this park, Alastair–riled-up birds, flooded area, brilliant greening. I like knowing you were sitting with your coffee and observing the activities.

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