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My Walk this Week 128 – Rowntree Ramble

My walk this week is a gentle ramble round Rowntree park in York but it is written with tears in my eyes. I took the walk on a recent visit to my parents who since then have both died, with my mother going through what she thought of as a transformation just one week after my father. They were both ill and each going peacefully in their sleep was a blessing, but that makes me no less sad for their passing away.

Pergola promenade

This walk shows my first visit inside Rowntree Park – I have visited York often enough but until this occasion I have only been able to look into the park from the outside because my previous opportunities all coincided with the River Ouse being in flood. The park being beside the river means that it, too, fills with water at times of flood and is therefore closed to the public.

But the Summer was hot and dry as was the day of my walk and the park was being well used by many people enjoying the sun and shade, ponds and pergolas, trees and flowers.

And lastly, a toast to my wonderful and loving parents – Roderick and Jean Duncan

My father was an art consultant and my mother was a well respected artist – you can see examples of her work at www.jeaniduncan.com

Roderick and Jean Duncan

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  1. Feeling emotional since looking at your Mother’s website. Wonderful work. I imagine so many mixed emotions for you right now. Your parents look like a great couple. I’m happy to join in the Toast – Cheers!

  2. Even when it’s a blessing, love ones passing away is difficult for those left behind They look like lovely people and taking a walk like this is a wonderful way to remember them. I’m sorry for your loss.


    • Thank you Janet, you are very kind. It’s not an easy time and there seems so much to do. It is good that I have two sisters and a brother to share it and the grief with.

  3. My thoughts are with you, Alastair, I have an inkling of how you may feel—loss and all the related emotions—not easy to handle. Thanks for sharing.

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