That Early Morning Dew

Early morning sunlight, dew on the grass and flowers – what more could you ask for?

The Daffodils have been and almost gone at Easter time in Galloway, Scotland but the Bluebells are coming through and both the flowers and the grass look like they are revealing in the early morning sun.

dew on Bluebells

dew on grass

dew on grass

That Early Morning Light

The angle of light on the stones on this beach proves the walk I had that morning in Galloway, SW Scotland really was not long after sunrise.

Stone on the Beach

That Early Morning Look

I woke early on a number of occasions while we were in Scotland, and when the sun is rising in a place like Galloway, there is nothing better than an early morning walk!

Ram and Lamb


Our stay in Scotland was not all sunshine and sunsets. It was pretty damp the day we went to Cairnholy, but not enough to put us off the visit and, in fact, the weather probably made the experience more enjoyable.

The atmosphere in the misty hills of Galloway in SW Scotland and the fact that we were the only people there made it me feel much closer to those that had originally constructed these  neolithic burial monuments.

Sea and Sky – the absence of sunlight

Absence of sunlight does not necessarily mean the scene will be less beautiful / dramatic / atmospheric.

These photos I took on the Galloway coast in SW Scotland are almost Rothko-esque in their subtlety of colour, tone and texture. The sea merged into the sky but as the colour of one reflects the colour of the other, I guess that merging should be expected. It is just the differing textures or a hint of land (rock) that allows us to understand the view.

Sea and Sky

Sea and Sky