Cairnholy Landscape

Having said that the weather could have been better on my walk this week, today I am posting the proof. The view from Cairnholy chambered tomb on the Galloway coast in Scotland would be pretty good if it weren’t for the clouds and rain – but there you go, that’s Scotland (or perhaps I should say the UK) in these days of unpredictable seasons.

On a more positive note, the landscape did not loose any of its atmosphere or colour as a result of the weather and it seemed to make it easier (though I don’t know why it should) to imagine people there in neolithic times.

Scottish landscape


Scottish landscape

Scottish landscape

A Place to Lie – Neolithic Chambered Tomb

It was tempting to lie down in the neolithic chambered tomb at Cairnholy but it felt like it might be dishonouring the place somehow – I would also have had to have been quite short. My walk this week to visit both the tombs at Cairnholy was well worth it even though the weather was coming in around us by the time we were up there. It didn’t stop me trying a few different perspectives on the standing stones at the entrance to the tomb but raindrops on the lens did create a bit of a challenge.

Cairn holy chambered tomb

Cairn holy chambered tomb

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My Walk this Week – Cairnholy

My walk this week’s actually taken a couple of years ago but as I am going to be in the same area again over the next week or two, it seemed a good time to post about our visit to the chambered tomb of Cairnholy in Scotland. I don’t have any field recording from this walk so I am afraid there will be no soundscape this week.

The weather on this walk could have been better but was not so bad to stop us going and the walk up the small road towards the ancient site was very attractive in itself.

Cairnholy woodland


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Weasel on the Run

How do you tell the difference between a weasel and a stoat?

A weasel is weasily wecognised but a stoat is stotally different!

Thanks to my brother for that one 😉

This little fellow was a regular visitor during our stay on the Galloway coast in Scotland. He was fast but as he could be relied on to take two or three turns across the grass, I was ready and waiting with the camera – the sports pulse mode was useful.

Running Weasel

Mossy Monster

Alien monsters seem to be a feature of forests where old fallen trees grow a thick covering of moss over their ever shortening broken branches. This is certainly not the first time I have found a many tentacled creature like this in the woods.

mossy woodland monster

Not Alone in the Wilderness

The sheep in this landscape enjoy the comfort of each others company in the wilderness of Galloway in SW Scotland . . . but the pheasant is asking for it as is typical of pheasants!

flock of sheep

Galloway scenery

pheasant in a field

The Road to Borgue and Back Again

My walk along the Borgue road in Galloway, SW Scotland, was about an 8 mile round trip. This rusty bench was at the side of the road at my turning point, just above Kirkandrews. Old but not out of use, it was a welcome resting place for a few minutes.

Maybe next time round I make do a StillWalks production day of it and capture the sounds as well as the sights.

country seat

bluebell wood