Glorious Light

The source of yesterday’s pool of light on water – the sun, the clouds, the weather never ceases to amaze me!

Sun and Clouds

Sunlight in Scotland

A Break in the Clouds

It is always exciting to see the sun breaking through the clouds and in this case creating a pool of gold on the sea.

Last week I was posting photos of the early morning light at Easter in Scotland. This week the photos are about the light as the end of the day approaches.

I like both these shots of the same scene in Wigtown Bay in Galloway, SW Scotland. There was five minutes time between each shot and although the pool of reflected sunlight is still there in the second image, other conditions were changing rapidly.

Scottish Sun

Scottish Sun



Sea and Sky – the absence of sunlight

Absence of sunlight does not necessarily mean the scene will be less beautiful / dramatic / atmospheric.

These photos I took on the Galloway coast in SW Scotland are almost Rothko-esque in their subtlety of colour, tone and texture. The sea merged into the sky but as the colour of one reflects the colour of the other, I guess that merging should be expected. It is just the differing textures or a hint of land (rock) that allows us to understand the view.

Sea and Sky

Sea and Sky

Landscape or Seascape

Are salt marshes landscape or seascape?

Both I guess. On this day it was landscape with some sea remaining in the gullies of the salt marshes. But with the lie of the land, it doesn’t take long for it to be covered by sea. The Loughor Estuary, situated between the Gower Peninsula and Carmarthenshire in South Wales, is a fascinating place. Always changing with the water and the light, the sunshine and the rain.

Loughor Estuary

Loughor Estuary

Loughor Estuary

This week’s featured StillWalks video is set a few weeks ahead of the current date in terms of the time of year but the flowers and activity of the birds celebrate the beautiful sunny weather of Spring with gusto and are a welcome change to the wild, wet and windy weather we had through Winter.

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