Travelling Back in Woodland Time

I have had a couple of walks in Carmarthenshire recently in spite of wet weather. During these excursions I found this dinosaur-like mossy monster. I don’t know if this woodland should be described as ancient, but it certainly seemed like it to me, and with this “creature” lurking there it seemed even more as though I had gone back in time.

Complementary images to my walks this week can be found directly on Instagram or via the sidebar images on the StillWalks blog. Images displayed here and on Instagram are a mixture of iPhone and Canon DSLR photography.


Carmarthenshire Moss Monster

Underneath the Pier

Exploring underneath Penarth Pier at high tide is not necessarily a good idea. Capturing these alternative views of the pier structure meant I had to leap out of the way of the water at the last moment. As has happened on other occasions, when taking photographs, I forgot about the time I was taking.

Underneath the pier

Underneath the pier

Playing Soldiers and Marking Time – Pembrey Seed Heads

We used to have games of “soldiers” with these Ribwort Plantains when we were young – trying in turn to knock the head off each others “soldier”. Perhaps decapitate would be a more accurate term!

And of course everyone tells the time by the Dandelion seed head – what other way is there to do it?



Pen y Fan – The Big Picture

Having posted about focus and time, here is some physical photographic evidence of me “adjusting my focus” and “allowing the time” to stand back and look at the “big picture” – enjoy the view of Pen y Fan from Brecon, the highest peak in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales.

Pen y Fan from Brecon

Pen y Fan from Brecon

Allowing Time

Following my re-focusing photos in yesterday’s post, I would say that time is also needed to see different view points and understand a given situation. 

In slowing the shutter speed and giving time for the water to flow past, the bike becomes clearer – and all because a little more time was given. I try, these days, not to get into a panic if there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything – there is only so much you can do.

Bike in Water

Bike in Water

50 Years and Getting Back to Nature

The moss covered steps in the image below never really had a chance not without the intervention of man. Nature and the tree have been taking their course for 50 years and will not let puny things like concrete get in their way.

There are many different reasons for managing woodland. Whether it be to gain resources for one use or another, or to ensure the ecology of the woodland stays mixed and allows a variety of plants and animals. Either way, we manage woodland for ourselves, not for the woodland or the wildlife.

Left to its own devices, in time a woodland may become a monoculture. Given the sort of time that nature considers a millisecond, but we think of as millennia, who knows what would happen?

If you leave it alone, nature will do just fine by itself. The fact of the matter is, of course, that we are here on the planet and we need to live side by side with the rest of the creatures and plants. For me the key to all our survival is to live side by side and not to try and take over or rule over the natural planet (or ourselves for that matter).

Lifting the path

Talking about the Sweet Chestnut

Dai Morris talking about a Sweet Chestnut tree, one amongst many varieties being planted and managed at Coeden Fach woodland near Swansea, South Wales.

This week’s featured StillWalks video is from the south west of Scotland. This medium resolution full length version will be here all week and will then revert to the sample.

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Time and Temptation

At the rate I am going it may be next Autumn before I get the StillWalks video wrapped up from the production day I had in Cwmdonkin Park recently. The temptation is always to work on post production as soon as possible after the production walk but this does not often happen.

The number of StillWalks videos pending is mounting but there are only 24 hours in each day and you can’t spend all of them on one task. What I need is a time stretcher! 🙂 Hopefully I will be able to catch up over the next couple of months and expand the existing StillWalks video collection with several new ones from Spring, Summer and Autumn 2013.

Completing the Cwmdonkin video is a priority in this respect as next year is the anniversary of Dylan Thomas’ birth and there is a strong association between him, his poetry and the park.

Cwmdonkin Park

Cwmdonkin Park

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Appreciation and Gratitude

Recently I have had one or two nice things said about this blog which I very much appreciate.

The first was the presentation of three awards by blogger nightmare logic who said they just wanted to show their appreciation of the StillWalks blog and others. Whilst appreciative of blog awards, I have to admit to not being very good at following through with them. Sometimes I feel bad about this but I don’t feel bad about not reading other people’s blogs because I do read and enjoy them and try not to make my “Likes” automatic.

Another comment was made offline from a friend and colleague who said she liked knowing that when she opened her email each day, she would always find an enjoyable post and images from StillWalks.

Many other people have given very positive comments about StillWalks and the blog, as well as my posts on other social media, and they are all greatly valued, so thanks to everyone who has looked and enjoyed both the StillWalks blog and or the website, videos, sounds and photography.

Phlox from the garden

Phlox from the garden

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