Park path and wildflowers

Enjoying the Springtime Morning Chorus

My walk this week through the woodland of my local park was early in the morning and the Springtime birds were still singing their morning chorus. The sun was up and the day was bright and there is nothing like woodland sights and sounds to lift the heart.

Across the pond

As I circled round the far side of the pond and approached the children’s playground the birds and squirrels were going crazy. There were no children up early to play on the hoops and bridges, swings and slides of the playground, but a Blue Tit hopped around the bright painted apparatus andContinue reading

My Walk this Week – Botanic Colour

Red tulips at Swansea Botanic Garden

My walk this week is perhaps less of a walk and more of a showcase. We had a slow amble round Swansea’s botanic gardens in Singleton Park on a day that was dry but could have been brighter. Well, I say brighter but I mean sunnier as there was plenty of brightness Continue reading

Flower Cycle and Reviewing the Week

My last flower of this week is not one from our garden, though I look forward to the tulips opening outside our studio.

Appropriately, as we end the week, these bought tulips are at the end of their cycle. They are no less beautiful for their age though, and I am often attracted by dying flowers with their colour changes and withering patterns.

dying tulip

Tulips and the Tram Shed in Cardiff

We had a very cultural day out to Cardiff a couple of days ago. Having a picnic lunch in the tulip filled gardens in front of the National Museum of Wales was bliss in the sunshine . . . and the museum itself with the current exhibitions (Julian Stairs and Pop Art) never ceases to amaze me with the fantastic collection it has.

Tulips in Cardiff

Tulips in Cardiff

Diffusion at the Tram Shed

Diffusion at the Tram Shed

The Diffusion Festival is also filling the city this month and we visited the Tram Shed to see  two photography exhibitions in a fascinating venue – The Valleys Re-Presented by various artists and High Rise by Peter Bobby. I have to say I was as taken with the venue as I was with the work. One of my daughter’s lecturers had work in this show which was a good way for us to select what venue to visit amongst all that is going on in the festival.

The Tram Shed, Cardiff

The Tram Shed, Cardiff

Last but not least we visited the Chapter Arts Centre. Again, my daughter had been studying one of the artists (Maurizio Anzeri) who is exhibiting there and so it was any easy choice amongst all the galleries to choose from.

Click the links to find out more about the exhibitions and venues.