Park path and wildflowers

Enjoying the Springtime Morning Chorus

My walk this week through the woodland of my local park was early in the morning and the Springtime birds were still singing their morning chorus. The sun was up and the day was bright and there is nothing like woodland sights and sounds to lift the heart.

Across the pond

As I circled round the far side of the pond and approached the children’s playground the birds and squirrels were going crazy. There were no children up early to play on the hoops and bridges, swings and slides of the playground, but a Blue Tit hopped around the bright painted apparatus and the squirrels chased each other across the tarmac.

Park Walk Springtime Soundscape

The colours in the playground were reflected more naturally in the planted tulips as I headed homewards and before I left the park I was presented with a reminder of the carpet of blue in the woods with bluebells and other wildflowers lining the footpath.

Click the play button above to listen to the soundscape and then click the images below to view them at the same time.

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