Dry Weather – Overgrowth and Undergrowth

In the park woodland the undergrowth is seeing an overgrowth and we have had so much unusually good weather lately that the water level in the park pond has dropped dramatically – the bullrushes are going well but the mud is being exposed.

empty pond

Where once there were bluebells, now there is a rapidly thickening jungle of bracken. Above, in the oak trees a son thrush sings and it’s little one (?) down on the ground looks slightly bewilderedContinue reading

bracken detail

The Density of Bracken

The density of the bracken on the steep hillside down which I was climbing cautiously, is common on the open commons of the Welsh landscape. While bright green in the Spring and Summer, it changes the hills to bright red in the Autumn when the light is right.

Beneath the bracken

We are having August weather this year as if we were already in Autumn and the bracken is now beginning to change colour. However, it was still bright and thick on this walk back at the end of June. My poor knees were aching from the steep descent (I much prefer climbing) and I had to sit down to give them a break half way down the slope. Continue reading

Overhead and Under Foot

Overhead the sun and clouds were yet again proving the changeableness of the Welsh weather. This morning’s skyscape / landscape is another shot taken using the pano mode of my iPhone camera. I use this most often to widen the lens rather than give a long panoramic view which with this app results in bendy beaches and horizon lines.

Under foot the extent of moss growth also proves the level of dampness in this environment – a rotting fallen tree shows just a tiny bit of it.

The sound today comes courtesy of a Mistlethrush I think. I couldn’t get a good enough sight of it to prove its identity but from what I could see, I would say it was a Mistlethrush rather than a Songthrush.

sunlight and clouds

Morning Walk-20

Fforest Birds 2

Dark Interior

Even on a bright day, the woods can be incredibly dark! The trees in the first image show darker than they were in reality but I wanted to keep the contrast between them and the colour of the sunlit landscape behind.

The second image has been lightened! The original photo was dark but only because it reflected how dark the interior of the dense  undergrowth really was.


Dark Forest

If you go down to the woods today . . .

. . . you’ll find some strange wooden serpents slithering through the undergrowth. This Loch Ness monster like  fallen branch is classic shape from the crooked oak trees of the woods in Coedbach Park.

It is not the first time I have photographed this particular piece of wood, but it is in a different position in the woods now, so it is obviously on the move!

Wooden Serpent

Crooked Oak Trees

Flags in the pond

Interesting Objects in the Woods

The sound of many pheasants in yesterday’s post was not accidental. There are many pheasants on the Gower Peninsula, but I had not seen or heard such a concentrated number of them before.

When I went into the woods at Cwm Green, I discovered various objects that seemed to have a specific purpose that appeared to relate to the rearing of pheasants, presumably for the shooting season. Not being an expert on these matters, I was only guessing at their use but the fact that there was an enclosure protected by an electric fence suggested something along these lines. In fact, I wasn’t sure that it was still in use as it looked as though it had not been tended for some time but I wasn’t going to touch the fence to find out.

What I liked was the way the other objects around the area were clearly settling nicely into their natural home and becoming a part of the woodland undergrowth. How ever much we think we can influence or control nature, in the long term, we are only a danger to ourselves if we do not respect the natural environment.

Cwm Green Woods-1

Cwm Green Woods-2

Cwm Green Woods-3

Cwm Green Woods-4

Cwm Green Woods-5

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