bracken detail

The Density of Bracken

The density of the bracken on the steep hillside down which I was climbing cautiously, is common on the open commons of the Welsh landscape. While bright green in the Spring and Summer, it changes the hills to bright red in the Autumn when the light is right.

Beneath the bracken

We are having August weather this year as if we were already in Autumn and the bracken is now beginning to change colour. However, it was still bright and thick on this walk back at the end of June. My poor knees were aching from the steep descent (I much prefer climbing) and I had to sit down to give them a break half way down the slope. This gave me a wonderful view of the interior and undergrowth of this prolific plant.

Further down where the valley levelled out a bit I met other occupants of the footpath. At least these sheep had an easy escape route into that dense bracken, unlike the sheep encountered on the path in the first part of this walk. The hikers, however, were not concerned with escaping from me and were demonstrating their relaxation at the side of the track.


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