Dry Weather – Overgrowth and Undergrowth

In the park woodland the undergrowth is seeing an overgrowth and we have had so much unusually good weather lately that the water level in the park pond has dropped dramatically – the bullrushes are going well but the mud is being exposed.

empty pond

Where once there were bluebells, now there is a rapidly thickening jungle of bracken. Above, in the oak trees a son thrush sings and it’s little one (?) down on the ground looks slightly bewildered by all that is going on in the woods. You’ll have to look carefully for these birds as they are so well camouflaged. I crept as close as I dared to get these photos and then cropped heavily but you can still see the beautiful speckle  on their breast.

It’s the song of this bird that clearer and a joy to listen to.

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