Dark Images – Photos of the Night

As my walk extended round to the unlit side of Hemlington Lake my photos became still darker. At this point I am facing away from the town and much of the light and colour reflected on the clouds is hidden by the trees behind me.

In the first image you can just see the near side of the footbridge with the railings of its far side silhouetted against the street light. Below is a short sound clip of my footsteps crossing the bridge and it is after this that a gentle rain starts.

Footsteps and Rain

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dark footbridge

Blue Bell Beck at night

Hemlington Lake at Night

Light and Dark

The view of and colours in the night sky over Middlesbrough changed as I walked around the other, unlit side of Hemlington Lake. The shapes and silhouettes of trees enhanced the reflected colour on the clouds and proved there was light to be seen. However, the footpath on this side of the lake was very dark and it was only because I know the path well that I had no problems seeing where I should walk.

As I came round this side of the lake I disturbed some of the birds roosting in the vegetation at the lake side. So at this point in my night walk, there was a little more sound than perhaps there should have been.

Night Birds

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trees at night

trees and night sky

night sky and lake

Swans in the Night Lights

Many of the birds on Hemlington Lake were roosting during my night time walk around its perimeter. Some however, like this swan, thought there might be some food on offer. Unfortunately for him the best I could do was to take his photograph in the wan light of a distant street lamp.

It was darker than I had expected on this night walk. Being a suburban lake I thought there would be more ambient light from the city. It seems the lake and its surrounding grass and trees provide something of an oasis from the hustle and bustle of the urban landscape – just as intended.

The second image in this short sequence shows the fenced off outlet in the lake that featured in one of last week’s posts – you can just see it in the dark

Swan in the night light

Reflections and Colour in the Sky

Such as it is, the colour in the sky on this night walk round Hemlington Lake is a reflection of the urban lights in Middlesbrough. Despite travelling north east for the new year, the weather didn’t improve much for us and so the street lamps had plenty of cloud cover to reflect their yellow-orange glow.

It didn’t actually rain much on me during this walk and I really enjoyed the subdued colours, the silhouettes of trees and the night sounds of coots on the water.

lake at night

footpath and lake at night

trees at night

Abertawe Walk

A few weeks ago I started writing a short blog style article for the online version of our local newspaper, the South Wales Evening Post. The articles are about some of the walks I take in the Swansea area and many of them are a little off the beaten track.

My contribution to the paper today (read here) features the River Tawe at Ynystawe but here, on this blog I want to present another part of the river. The StillWalks, “Abertawe Walk”, takes you along the cycle path between the Liberty Stadium and the bridges at SA1 and the Maritime Quarter in Swansea.

The production for this walk was done in the Autumn and the walk takes you through the woods along side the river as well as the cycle path.

The video can be seen here and the photos below are taken from that production.

abertawe walk

from Abertawe Walk – Autumn

from Abertawe Walk

from Abertawe Walk

The Audience and the Districts

These graves look like they have an excellent view of the event – whatever that may be! They make me think of a concert in the park where everyone brings a picnic and enjoys the event from deck chairs. In Britain they would have brought umbrellas as well 🙂

Cathays Cemetery in Cardiff has many aspects to it.

Cathays Cemetery

The Audience

Cathays Cemetery

Some hide away

Some prefer to be more private and hide away amongst the greenery.

This cemetery has it all, even a “downtown” area with sky scrapers!

Cathays Cemetery

Downtown at the cemetery

Start of the Tour – Cathays Cemetery

The prompt to this weeks blog posts were the Angels in yesterdays post.

So, going back to the beginning, todays images are of the entrance to the cemetery which, although in need of some maintenance, is still an impressive structure and suggests, even before you enter, the size and importance of the cemetery.

All photos taken on my iPhone.

Cathays Cemetery

Cathays Cemetery Entrance

Cathays Cemetery, Cardiff

Inside the secondary entrance to the cemetery

Entrance detail

Entrance detail

Cathays Cemetery

Strange place for a tree!