Late Evening Light

These were the first shorts I took during my late evening walk down on the marshes. I enjoyed the walk and doing the photography – say no more ūüôā

That After Sun Glow

That After Sun Glow

That After Sun Glow

Vapour Trail

Sunset Reflection

Summer Walk in Scotland

These images are from the StillWalk “Flora and Fauna Walk” which is another walk from Galloway in South West Scotland. These are obviously three examples of the fauna.

In fact there is more than just birds and butterflies in the video but I wasn’t able to photograph some of the fauna we have seen there such as the deer on the beach or the red squirrel in the woods or the fox cubs playing on the beach in the moonlight at 3 AM . . . or the rabbits or stoats or voles . . . .


Butterfly – Painted Lady





Coastal Walk

Click the first image or play button to play the video and enjoy part of the Galloway, Scotland coastline.

Click the second image to enlarge.

Coastal Walk Spring

StillWalks – Lakeside Walk

Here is the video then, if you have not already watched it – Lakeside Walk.

Switch off your phone, put everything else aside and relax for 6.5 minutes to the sights and sounds of a walk alongside the lake at the National Botanic Garden of Wales.

IMG_5846 IMG_5885

Lakeside Flowers

Walks can be any length in a StillWalks video – the videos are each approximately 6 – 7 minutes long. Whether long or short, there is so much to see and hear out there that, wherever the location, it is always an exercise in discipline and decision making to select those that should be used.

The images in a StillWalks have different roles to play within the sequence but a part of the job is simply to stand still, look and listen to the beautiful or fascinating things around me. This is always most pleasant when on the pre-production recce walk when I am not carting around all the kit.

These are the penultimate images from the Lakeside Walk at the National Botanic Garden of Wales. Click on them to enlarge and they are available for sale through the StillWalks PhotoShelter site.

Lakeside Cow Parsley Lakeside Lakeside Irises

Lakeside Walk

Over the next week I am mostly going to be looking at the National Botanic Garden of Wales or to be more precise, the StillWalks I have produced there.

This is the first of a selection of nine images from the Lakeside Walk and is available through Photo Sales.

If you are not living in Wales, then this would be one amongst many reasons to visit. If you do live in Wales and have not yet visited the gardens, then it’s about time you did ūüėČ

Lakeside Walk

After the Tide

We have had a months rain in the last 24 hours and that can sometimes cause problems. The marshes near us are tidal and when the tide is high and there has been a lot of rain, that is when the trouble starts.

This StillWalk video shows the marshes after a spring tide. You can’t avoid the traffic on this walk but it doesn’t stop the birds calling and has never spoilt my enjoyment of the walk.

spring tide