Black and White Bird in a Colour Landscape

Colour is almost not there in this Black Headed Gull but there is colour in the landscape below. The bottom image  shows both the colour and lack of colour in the Loughor Estuary landscape on this particular day.

My monochrome post about this place earlier this week was prompted by the lack of colour in the estuary at the time those photos were taken. This image proves the difference under light and shade on a day of changeable weather.

Black Headed Gull

River Lliw

Monochrome Estuary

The river Lliw reaches the sea in the Loughor Estuary. The photos I took below were of course originally in colour. On the day they were taken, however, the weather was such that the colour of the landscape did not reveal itself much from this particular angle  shot. All hues were muted and yet there was plenty of contrast between land and sky.

More “Monochrome Madness” can be seen on Leanne Cole’s photography blog.

Loughor Estuary

River Lliw

Starting at the Source

Looking for the source of the River Lliw on the Mawr upland area of Swansea, we started our search near another source. This is a beautiful area of  South Wales where there are a few quiet, still days in the year but mostly it is windy.

Mawr Upland

wind turbine

Hazy Day – A Local Landscape

We hadn’t had rain in this area for a while when I took these photos of the landscape around Swansea. I don’t know if it was atmospheric conditions, pollution or simply dust in the air, but it is not uncommon to have hazy days like this in South Wales, regardless of its reputation for continuous rain!

Swansea landscape

Telegraph Poles

Exposure of a Queen

It was a pretty grey day last week when I visited Windsor. I found that my photography was best handled in full manual mode rather than relying on any of the semi-automatic options.

Having experimented with exposure, shutter speed and iso and found a reasonable compromise, the rest of my photography needed fewer adjustments as the weather remained miserable (if not actually raining) for the whole visit.

The photos below of Queen Victoria were deliberately over and under-exposed as I liked the appearance of her profile against the sky, which as you can see in the second shot, was not exactly bright. Having said this, I think the second shot is my favourite! Which is yours?

Queen Victoria statue

Queen Victoria statue

Queen Victoria statue

Glorious Light

The source of yesterday’s pool of light on water – the sun, the clouds, the weather never ceases to amaze me!

Sun and Clouds

Sunlight in Scotland

A Break in the Clouds

It is always exciting to see the sun breaking through the clouds and in this case creating a pool of gold on the sea.

Last week I was posting photos of the early morning light at Easter in Scotland. This week the photos are about the light as the end of the day approaches.

I like both these shots of the same scene in Wigtown Bay in Galloway, SW Scotland. There was five minutes time between each shot and although the pool of reflected sunlight is still there in the second image, other conditions were changing rapidly.

Scottish Sun

Scottish Sun




Our stay in Scotland was not all sunshine and sunsets. It was pretty damp the day we went to Cairnholy, but not enough to put us off the visit and, in fact, the weather probably made the experience more enjoyable.

The atmosphere in the misty hills of Galloway in SW Scotland and the fact that we were the only people there made it me feel much closer to those that had originally constructed these  neolithic burial monuments.