Another image I like but that I did not select to go into the StillWalks video below.

Woodland Thistle

All StillWalks videos are available to buy as High Definition (HD) downloads. Just click on the Shop drop down menu button. Or you can pay what you like for this video (normal price £3.00) with the donate button below and I will send you a link to download this featured video in HD. Please allow up to 24 hours for delivery of the download link.

Why pay for a StillWalks video? See five good reasons below.


Five good reasons to buy a StillWalks video:

  • High Quality Videos 
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • Therapy at your fingertips
  • Watching, Walking and Listening 
  • Health and wellbeing

Pay what you want – High Definition (HD 720p) version of StillWalks videos normally cost £3.00. Many have felt that they are worth much more but by using the donate button you can pay whatever you like from £1.00 up.

1. High Quality Videos – The High Definition version that you receive when you buy a StillWalks video is much higher quality than the small scale samples on the website and looks great on any HD screen (computer, mobile or TV).

2. Anytime, anywhere – Featured videos are only available to watch in full length for the  week (Saturday – Saturday) during which they are featured. A short sample will always be available as well as the facility to buy via the seasonal shop menu. Downloading the video means no annoying waiting while the video buffers online – worst of all is when this happens in the middle of the video.

3. Therapy at your fingertips  – You can relax and enjoy these high quality videos in a variety of ways.

  • Select a StillWalks video to help refresh your mind, calm your nerves and relax for 5 minutes during the working day.
  • Plug in your earbuds in the waiting room and enjoy a StillWalks video on your iPhone  while you wait for your appointment.
  • Remove the hustle and bustle of your commute home from work and watch a StillWalks video on your laptop or iPad.
  • Sit back in your armchair in the evening and relax to a StillWalks video on your TV – let the sights and sounds calm you down at the end of the day.

4. Watching, Walking and Listening – I hope that watching and listening to StillWalks videos will prompt you to go for a walk yourself. The sights and sounds around you will always be different even in a familiar place. The conditions at the time you walk will always be unique and will bring about subtle (or dramatic) differences to the last time you took that walk.

5. Health and wellbeing

  • The benefits of “green exercise” have been proven time and again – getting out and walking, running or cycling in natural green spaces (countryside or urban). Research programmes and psychologists around the world have shown that even just looking at images of a natural environment can reduce signs of stress in a matter of minutes. Muscle tension, blood pressure and heart rate can all be reduced by experiencing a natural environment. StillWalks videos go further and give you the unique sounds of those environments as well.
  • Exercise with StillWalks – It is hoped that, if you are able, StillWalks videos will prompt you to take a real walk but you can also plug a memory stick into your treadmill, TV or PC and enjoy the woodland, coast or park while you walk or jog in the convenience of your home or gym.
  • By ‘bringing the outside in to those who cannot get out due to any number of circumstances (it could just be raining a lot), StillWalks can stimulate not just the visual senses but, by bringing the real sounds of a walk and its environment to you on screen, the videos “almost take you to the place itself” and provide that sense of wellbeing that is so important to relaxation and relieving tension.


Pay what you want – High Definition (HD 720p) version of StillWalks videos normally cost £3.00. Many have felt that they are worth much more but by using the donate button you can pay whatever you like from £1.00 up.

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