Valley mist

Valley Frost Revealed – Reviewing the Walk

When I arrived at this viewpoint near the start of my walk this week, the valley was filled with a thick fog. Now, having had a peaceful walk through the forest, the valley is revealed, and it is cold with frost.

Valley frost

In a couple of my posts about this walk I have described the woodland as peaceful, and indeed it was. The background sound of traffic on the motorway is almost always there but there are a few pockets of peacefulness that allow virtually complete escape from that sound.

So the soundscape below includes very little traffic but does include a sound I have become very familiar with but which I only recently identified as a Raven. The raven is a most wonderful bird and one that is well known locally. I see them often enough up on the local hills but rarely do I catch anything other than their calls in the woods. I used to think their calls were that of geese but perhaps it was the acoustics of the environment or the coincidental sighting of geese at the same time that led me to that conclusion.

Winter Woodland Soundscape

Click on the first image below to view then in sequence while you play the soundscape. If you would like to see the photos I have not included in this review of the walk, you’ll need to look at the three previous posts.

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  1. Loved this post, Alastair, the seasonal elements of the photos with the fog and the frost, and the delightful soundscape. Loved hearing the deep caw of the ravens, and the crunchy ground in its frosty state was magnificent. Thanks for taking us on this Wales walk.

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