My Walk this Week – Approaching The Waterside

My walk this week is at a place I have walked at and posted about on a few occasions but until now I have not taken a closer look (and listen) at the the approach to the The Waterside.

Starting just above the school, the lane that leads up to the lakeside where the facilities are in which creative thinking can take place, the wooded valley, while bare of leaves at this time of year, is still green with moss and the damp atmosphere on a day heavy and dark with rain.

wooden gate and lane

I was mostly lucky as far as the rain is concerned and managed to find a window in the weather long enough not to get too wet, but eh sky was always threatening.

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    • Thanks Allysse. I have always felt that it is my interest in texture that most informs my photography. As an artist working in tapestry weaving, this is perhaps not a surprise.

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